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Sending Payments from Everflow to Everflow Pay
Sending Payments from Everflow to Everflow Pay

How-To send invoices from Everflow Partner Invoices to Everflow Pay

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How do I pay invoices from Everflow with Everflow Pay?

You can pay invoices in Everflow with Everflow Pay under Partner Invoices, with 3 simple steps.

  • Under "Affiliates"/"Partners" > "Invoices" you can select all, or select specific invoices by clicking the boxes to the left of the invoices.

  • Once all invoices you want to pay are selected click the "Actions" drop down menu and choose " Pay (Configure Method)"

  • A confirmation screen will pop up showing all invoices you selected to pay asking you to complete an approval before sending invoices to Everflow Pay for payment.

Next you will need to log into your Everflow Pay account to complete the final approval and release the invoices for payment.

(Note: Your Everflow Pay account needs to be fully funded before payments can release and complete)

To Approve Invoices for Payment in Everflow Pay login here

  • Select all or individual invoices to approve by clicking the checkboxes.

  • Click the three dot menu on the right to select "Approve Invoices".

Contact your Account Manager or the Customer Success team at for more info.

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