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Changing an Affiliate/Partner Payment Method to Everflow Pay
Changing an Affiliate/Partner Payment Method to Everflow Pay

How-To set up Everflow Pay as the Payment Method for your Affiliates and Partners.

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Setting up your Affiliates/Partners with Everflow Pay only takes a few steps.

Once the Everflow Pay Integration is complete you need to set all Affiliate's payment method to "Everflow Pay". Once the Payment Method is set to "Everflow Pay" a banner will appear on the Affiliates login dashboard. Affiliates will then be able to click on the banner to input the needed payment/billing details.

Bulk Edit Affiliates/Partners you already have set up on Everflow

  • Under "Affiliates" or "Partners" > "Manage" Navigate to the three dot drop down and choose "bulk edit" to change "Payment Method" to "Everflow Pay"

  • When in the Bulk Edit screen select the partners you want to make the change for and choose "Payment Method" under "Billing" as the "Field Type"

  • Select "Everflow Pay" as the Type of payment method you want to change for your partners

  • Click Review and Apply to apply the changes

Individually Edit Affiliates/Partners

Navigate to Partners > Manage > Click the three dots menu for that client and choose "Edit" and navigate to the "Billing" tab > Enable Payment Method to "Yes" and choose "Everflow Pay"

Enabling the Partner Default Billing Settings for any new Affiliates/Partners

Use this Help Desk article to show you how to apply the Default Billing Settings

Contact your Account Manager or the Customer Success team at for more info.

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