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Default Billing Settings

How to configure default billing settings for Advertisers and Partners.

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You have the option to automatically apply default billing settings to new Partners and/or Advertisers. This article will walk you through how to customize these configurations.

Please note, if enabled, that these default settings will apply automatically to new Advertisers and Partners, but will NOT override the billing settings on existing Advertisers and Partners.

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A How-To Guide

  • Navigate to Control Center - Configurations > Billing.


  • Choose what will be displayed in your Partner and Advertiser invoices, such as logos, tax info, payment info and Tax ID.

Partner Billing Settings / Advertiser Billing Settings

  • Choose the default settings for billing frequency, payment terms and auto-invoicing. You can select a default payment method for Partners.

    Default Billing Frequency

    Specify how often invoices are generated, and what the exact start day is for each billing period. The generated invoice will include the start day through the last day before the start date of the next billing cycle. For example, if "Weekly-Thursday" is selected, an invoice will be generated after midnight on Thursday for the period from midnight last Thursday to Wednesday 23:59:59 inclusively.

    Default Payment Method

    Select a default payment method for all your Partners, choosing from Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Paypal, Tipalti, Paxum, Payoneer, Veem, Webmoney, Capitalist, Bitcoin, Gift Card, Skrill, MassPay or None.

    Default Auto Invoicing

    Please note that when Auto Invoicing is disabled, the other default settings are not applied to invoices that are generated manually. An invoice will be auto-generated if Automatic Invoice Creation is enabled and there is a payout balance that fits the billing settings.

    Default Auto Invoice Creation Amount Threshold

    The minimum amount required to generate an invoice automatically. Please note the following associated rules:

    If the threshold is not met in a billing period, then an invoice will not be generated.

    If combined balances of previous billing periods and the current billing period meets the threshold, then an invoice will be generated.

    A manually generated invoice balance will not be considered when determining if the threshold has been met.

    Within the invoice, rows from past billing periods that were added to meet the threshold will be highlighted in pink.

    Default Auto Invoice Start Date

    This is a one-time setting to prevent invoices from being generated before the date specified. This date will represent the beginning of the accumulation toward the payment threshold.

    Default Invoice Generation Days Delay

    This option allows you to generate an invoice following a configured delay. For example, a 1-week delay for a “Monthly” invoice on the 3rd of the month, will generate an invoice on the 10th for the period from the 3rd on the previous month to the 2nd, inclusively.

    VAT Percentage (European Union Value Added Tax)

    Enter the percentage to include VAT in the total invoice balance.

    Default Payment Terms

    Number of days after the last day of the billing cycle by which the invoice must be paid. For example, with Net 30 payment terms and weekly invoices, the Partner can expect to be paid 30 days after the weekly invoice was generated.

    Hide Invoice from Partners

    Enabling this option will prevent Partners from being able to view their invoices in their Portal.

Partner Restricted Payments Settings

You can configure the list of Payment Methods available for Partners to choose from when they update their own billing details in their Portal.

None is automatically included to account for Partner signup forms that lack valid billing details for other payment types selected.

Partners who edit their billing details in the Partner Portal (Company - Settings) will have only these restricted options.

Please note that in order to allow Partners to edit their billing details, you must enable the permission. Navigate to Control Center - Configuration > Global Settings - Edit > Enable Partners to update billing details inside their Partner UI.


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