Advertiser Invoicing

Learn how to generate invoices for your Advertisers.

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You can generate Advertising-facing invoices with a full itemized breakdown of your performance. Please note that this invoice is for your external usage, it's not currently possible to receive payment from your Advertisers directly inside of Everflow.

For more information about configuring default billing settings for Advertiser/Partner - [Click Here]

Generating Invoices

  • Invoices can be generated manually using Advertisers - Invoices > [+ Invoice].

  • Select the Advertiser, define the payment period and desired payment terms, then click Add. Use the checkbox if you want to hide the invoice from the Advertiser.

  • To generate invoices automatically, click Edit on the Billing card of the specific Advertiser.

Invoice Management

  • From Advertisers - Invoices, you can apply filters to narrow down your relevant invoice selection.

  • On the right, you can select to filter on unpaid, paid invoices, all or deleted invoices.

  • On the filter icon, you can search by advertiser, payment terms and more:

  • Use the checkboxes and the Apply to Selected box to Hide from advertiser, mark as Paid, Synchronise invoices to account for adjustments, and make Visible to Advertiser.


  • Navigate to Advertisers - Invoices.

  • To export ALL invoices, click the Export button. This will allow you to export in CSV, JSON, Quickbooks or Zipped PDFs formats.

  • To export only some invoices, use the checkboxes and select Export Selected from the dropdown. This will allow you to export invoices in CSV, JSON, Quickbooks or Zipped PDFs formats.

  • To export one invoice at a time, click the three vertical dots at the end of any row to Export as PDF.


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