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Partner Invoicing

How to generate invoices, pay them directly from the platform, and access reports for Outstanding Partner Balances.

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Updated - Feature Release 3.4.3 (December 2023):

  • Added 'Quantity' to Partner/Advertiser Invoices, including PDF invoices.

Updated - Feature Release 3.4.1 (October 2023):

  • Added ability to add line item adjustments to $0 pre-pay invoices and mark with "unpaid" status [Details]

  • Added column for 'Paid Date' to Manage Invoices table overview

Updated - Hotfix 3.3.0 (July 2023):

  • Outstanding Balance Report for Partners/Affiliates can now be requested by network users. [Details]

  • Wise added as payment option [Details]

  • Company logo now renders with a white background

Updated - Hotfix 3.3.0 (May 2023):

  • All table headers are now available as filters in Partners > Invoices

Updated - Hotfix 3.2.0 (April 2023):

  • Payment Status (Complete, In-Progress, Not initiated) is now viewable in Partners - Invoices [Details]

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Partner Invoicing allows you to handle billing and payments through the Everflow platform. Everflow provides the features to clearly indicate balance due amounts, automatically generate invoices, and handle all payments through the platform. If you're a brand or a network who is working with multiple partners, these features can streamline your billing processes.

In this article you can learn how to create, manually update and delete a Partner Invoice. Get familiar with how to pay partners via integrated payment solutions and other payment methods.

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Adding a New Invoice

  • Invoices can be generated manually using Partners - Invoices > Add Invoice.

  • Choose the Partner, the date range and desired payment terms. Click Add button.

  • To generate invoices automatically, go to Partners > Manage section, click Edit in the Billing card, and then switch on the toggle for Auto Invoice.

Please note that when the Auto Invoice Creation is on, the most recent invoice will be created and accounts for their specific billing frequency (i.e. if the current date is April 1 and frequency is set to Every month on the 2nd, the invoice generated will be for March 2-April 1).

How To Create An Invoice For Pre-Pay

If you want to pre-pay your partner, you may want to create an invoice that is not associated with any conversions or existing reporting. To accomplish this, you can use the following process:

  1. Create an invoice for $0.

    • The $0 will automatically be marked with a "Paid" status upon creation.

  2. Click [+ Add Detail] to create line item Adjustments within the invoice. (Adjustments are not associated with specific conversions.)

    • The invoice will automatically be marked with an "Unpaid" status when the adjustment is added.

Managing and Adjusting Invoices

  • When a new invoice is created, either manually or automatically, all the reporting is fetched and added in the invoice details and grouped by Offer.

  • Manual adjustments, which are independent of reporting data, can be added to the invoice.

  • VAT (European Union Value Added Tax), if added to the default/specific partner billing will show in the invoice on its own row. The calculation is the total of all row amounts multiplied by the VAT percentage.

  • Data can be ‘synchronized’ in the invoice view to override previous reporting values. This feature is particularly useful for adding adjustments after the initial invoice is generated.

  • Click the vertical dots on the General card to Pay Invoice or to download a PDF or Quickbooks:

  • You can also export all invoices by navigating Partners - Invoices or Advertisers - Invoices, and then clicking the Export button. Alternatively, only selected invoices will be exported by checking the boxes to the far left, and selecting Export Selected from the dropdown menu. Either of these options will allow you to export invoices in CSV, JSON, Quickbooks or Zipped PDFs formats.

Please note: When Exporting more than 10 Invoices, an email will be sent when the documents are ready.

  • The following fields aren’t automatically introduced to your invoices, but can be enabled using toggles by navigating to Control Center - Platform Configurations > Billing > General Card.

  • Network Logo

  • Network Tax Info

  • Advertiser/Partner Info

Example: Partner invoice with all options enabled

Deleting an Invoice

  • In the Partners > Invoices section select which invoice you would like to delete and select the action in the dropdown. Once invoice is deleted, the amount goes back to the unpaid, as if the invoice had never existed.

How to Pay Partners

Payments can be processed in Everflow if you are connected to our very own Everflow Pay or one of our integrated payment solutions: Veem, Tipalti, or PayPal. All other payment methods are selectable for your internal records, but must be processed outside of Everflow.

  • Everflow Pay - (Integrations → Billing → Everflow Pay)

  • Tipalti - (Integrations → Billing → Tipalti)

  • Veem - (Integrations → Billing → Veem)

  • PayPal - (Integrations → Billing → PayPal)

  • MassPay - (Integrations → Billing → MassPay)

  • Bitcoin

  • Check

  • Direct Deposit

  • Paxum

  • Payoneer

  • Wire

  • Webmoney

  • Gift Card

  • Capitalist

  • Wise

  • Payments can be executed by selecting one or more invoices from the list, then selecting "Pay Invoices" or "Mark Invoices as Paid". Then, you get an opportunity to edit before clicking Pay. Invoice status is automatically updated to ‘Paid’ when the invoice is successfully paid in full.

Please note: Payments made via PayPal will be set to pending until it is verified which typically takes about one minute. You have to generate a clientId/clientSecret with the ‘PayPal Payouts’ system. For the required document - [Click Here]

Payment Status

  • Add the Payment Status column to check on the status of a "paid" invoice.

  • Complete = Invoice is Paid

  • In-Progress = Invoice is unpaid and there is a pending payment

  • Not initiated = Invoice is unpaid and there are no pending payments associated (there could be rejected payments associated)


  • A notification is sent to employee users when an invoice is created and when a payment is executed. Employees can enable or disable their notification preferences by navigating to My Account - My Notification Preferences.

  • A notification is sent to Partner users when a payment is executed in their account. You can edit the default notification settings for creating new Partners by navigating to Control Center - Partner Configuration > Default Notifications, and toggling on or off each available notification.

For more details on configuring notifications - [Click Here]

For details about configuring default Advertiser/Partner billing options - [Click Here]

Outstanding Partner Balances

This feature generates a report to show you the exact outstanding balance for each Partner, which includes all unpaid sales (including those not yet invoiced and not yet overdue.)

Step #1

  • There are three ways to request an Outstanding Balance Report for your Partners:

Option 1

  • Navigate to Partners - Manage. Use the checkboxes to select specific Partners, and then select Request Outstanding Balances from the Actions dropdown.

Option 2

  • Navigate to Partners - Manage. Click the vertical dots at the top-right of the table to access Table Actions, then select Request Outstanding Balances.

Option 3

  • Navigate to Partners - Manage, then click the Partner for which you would like the report. On the Billing card, click Request Outstanding Balance.

Step #2

  • Regardless of your request method, you will be prompted to select whether or not to enforce Additional Configurations.

    • Balances must occur before the Billing Limit Frequency
      Choose to include all balances up to the present date, or limit to show only balances within the billing frequency period.

    • Balances must meet the Auto Invoice Creation Amount Threshold
      Choose to enforce or ignore the partner-level payment threshold.

Step #3

  • Once requested, you will receive an email with a link to view or download your report in CSV format. The CSV will include the corresponding partner and outstanding balance amount as columns.

Auto-Invoicing & The Outstanding Partner Balance Report

Please note: if auto-invoicing is enabled, then the report will display the data beginning with the billing start date of the partner.

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