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Connect your Paypal account to Everflow to easily pay your Partners
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To integrate your Paypal account with Everflow, login to your Paypal account at

Please note that you will need a business account in order to use this integration.

Setting Up The Integration

Step #1

Select Live, then click Create app.

Step #2

Once you enter an app name and your app is created, your credentials will be generated. You will need to copy your Client ID and Secret.

Step #3

Make sure that Payouts is enabled in your Paypal account. From your left-side menu, click My Apps & Credentials, select Live (not Sandbox), select your app and scroll down to Live App Settings.

Also, in the My Account section make sure that you have enabled "Payouts" under the "Live" column here:

Step #4

In Everflow, navigate to Control Center - Integrations > Billing > Paypal > Add.

You will need to paste your Client ID and Client Secret here.

Adding Paypal to Partner Accounts

To use Paypal to pay a Partner, navigate to Partners - Manage. Click on the Partner which you would like to use Paypal as the Payment Method. On the Billing card, click Edit.

Making a Payment

To pay a Partner invoice using Paypal, go to Partners - Invoices. Select the invoice and click Pay.

Please note: Payments made via PayPal will be set to pending until verified which typically takes about one minute. In the case that the Paypal status is unclaimed, they payment will remain in pending status until it is claimed or reverted.

For more information about Partner invoicing - [Click Here]


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