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Pay your Partners through our integration with Veem

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Veem is an international payment provider. For more details on Veem, please visit their website:

Step #1

  • Navigate to Integrations, and then click on the Billing tab.

Step #2

  • Click Add if you already have a Veem account, or Sign Up to create a new one. Then, either enter your credentials or create an account.

Step #3

  • After you sign in, Veem will be enabled in your Everflow account.

Step #4

  • You may now select Veem as a Payment Method for partner invoicing. (Partners - Manage > Click the Partner > Edit: Billing).

If you select Veem here, you must enter the Partner's Veem info. If you leave None, it will allow your Partner to enter it from the Partner Portal.

Please note that in order to allow a Partner to enter their own billing info, you must have turned on the setting for Enable Partners to update billing details inside their Partner UI under Control Center - Platform Configurations > Global Settings.

Step #5

  • Once the billing information is entered, you may generate an invoice and hit the Pay button directly from the Invoice, or by checking the box on the invoice list and selecting Pay from the dropdown.

Please note that Everflow will not make payments with Veem for less than $50 USD.

For more information about Partner invoicing - [Click Here].

Step #6

  • Both parties (payer and payee) will receive an email confirmation when the invoice is paid.

Example of Payee Email

Example of Payer Email

You will also see the status on the invoice itself. It will show Pending until the payment is executed successfully, at which point the status will show Success.

Please note that the invoice will be marked as Paid in Everflow, but you will need to check for confirmation under Partners - Invoices. Filter for paid invoices and click on the invoice number to confirm.

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