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Managed Payments

Offload all partner payment-related tasks with premium add-on, Managed Payments.

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Managed Payments is available as a premium add-on for clients who want to completely offload partner payment responsibilities.

We'll take care of all the essential payment-related tasks for your partner program, including invoice generation, and scheduling and processing payments.

Handle Invoicing: We'll automatically generate and send invoices to your partners.

Manage & Send Payments: We'll determine what partners are owed, and then send payments for you according to your payout structure.

Ensure Compliance: All partners are set up to be 100% tax compliant, with proper tax documentation collected.

New Partner Setup: New partners will have everything in place to receive/remit payments.

Full Reporting: Receive monthly reports of invoicing and payment activity.

Total Support: We'll provide prompt support via email, Slack, or in-platform chat.

Pricing based on monthly payout volume. Contact your Account Manager or the Customer Success team at for more info.

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