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Guides for understanding all of the core sections of Everflow

InvestigatorSearch raw data within the Portal in order to investigate clicks or conversions with specific values.
Metrics Definitions Cheat SheetMetrics Definitions Cheat Sheet to help you monitor and evaluate performance.
API Documents and Partner API KeysQuick access to Everflow's various API Documents and Partner API Keys.
The Everflow GlossaryLearn the lingo with this glossary and watch a demo to help you navigate the platform.
Checklist: Starting Your Partner ProgramCheck to ensure you have covered all of your bases to starting your Partner Program.
Conversion Attribution PriorityOrder of Conversion Attribution Priority (highest to lowest)
FAQ: Everflow FinanceGeneral information about Everflow's invoicing processes, including payment options and billing support.
Everflow Certification ProgramLearn the fundamentals you'll need to maximize program revenue through Everflow.