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Checklist: Starting Your Partner Program
Checklist: Starting Your Partner Program

Check to ensure you have covered all of your bases to starting your Partner Program.

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Setting up your Partner Program can be a bit overwhelming as there are many bases that need to be covered in order to get started. This checklist can help you confirm that each step has been completed.

User Accounts

Each person in your organization will need a user account they will use to login to the Everflow Portal. To limit or grant permissions to different types of users, you can define permissions and which parts of the Portal each role in your organization has access to.


Configuring domains, including those used for tracking clicks as well as those used to fire conversions, is necessary for your tracking setup to be fully functional.

Partner Signup

Customize your Partner Program, including automated signup processes, so that requirements and expectations are transparent from the start.

Partner Communication

Communicating with your Partners directly from the Portal is simple. Customize your email templates to automatically send notifications when certain actions are completed.

Partner Payments

Configure settings for default billing, partner invoicing and executing payments.

  • To learn more about Everflow Pay in order to have Everflow handle payments for you - [Click Here]

Branding Your Everflow Instance (See Quick Guide)

Customize the look and feel of your Portal to reflect your brand, including company logos, colors and more.

Critical Security Measures

You need to make sure you're doing all that you can to protect your data and other sensitive information. Here are some built-in features that can help prevent security breaches.

  • Set up password protection, API key whitelist, 2FA and session timeouts - [Click Here]

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