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Everflow Certification Program
Everflow Certification Program

Learn the fundamentals you'll need to maximize program revenue through Everflow.

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The Everflow Certification Program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage performance marketing initiatives such as affiliate, influencer, and media buying programs through Everflow.


The certification program is divided into six sections, covering the fundamental aspects of using the Everflow platform. Each section focuses on specific features and actions, including:

1. Introduction to Everflow

  • Branding & Customization

  • Adding New Users

  • Managing Roles & Permissions

  • Offer Management

2. Partner Management

  • Creating Offers

  • Custom Revenue & Payout Settings

  • Creating Custom Landing Pages

  • Navigating the Hidden Menu for Custom Settings

3. Partner Management

  • Adding New Partners

  • Customizing Partner Signup Forms

  • Generating Partner Tracking Links

  • Impersonating Partners

4. Invoicing Features

  • Billing Settings for Partners

  • Accessing & Paying Partner Invoices

  • Everflow Pay

5. Reporting & Analytics

  • Navigating & Customizing Dashboards

  • Getting to Know Reporting

  • Analytics

6. Additional Features

  • Fraud Prevention Tools

  • Accessing & Utilizing the Marketplace

Certification Progression

As you progress through certification courses, you’ll earn additional recognition in line with your experience and expertise.

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