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Everflow Plus

Learn all the advantages of Everflow Plus, including dedicated account management, priority support access, and advanced platform training.

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Expert guidance on Everflow’s platform includes:

  • Dedicated Support Resources: Schedule weekly calls to overcome any issues or challenges.

  • Advanced Platform Training: Receive in-depth training sessions to accelerate results from your team.

  • Tailored Project Setup: Learn all the ways you can leverage the Everflow platform for ultimate success.

Get Expert Support From A Dedicated Account Manager

Everflow provides the industry’s highest level of support, but an Everflow Plus upgrade takes it a step further with a dedicated account manager and live technical support in your timezone to help you tackle the unique challenges of your program with the full suite of comprehensive solutions our platform offers.

  • Dedicated Account Manager: Work with an account manager to get expert guidance on using Everflow to make your program soar.

  • Priority Access Via Live Chat: Quickly overcome any challenges with on-demand access to the support team using our live chat.

  • Weekly Check-In Meetings: Schedule calls with your support team every week to tackle problems and learn platform best practices for program growth.

Everflow Plus provides more comprehensive support services that are game-changing for launching a new program, venturing into new markets/channels, or managing a large-scale project. Instead of wasting time waiting, get solutions quickly on your schedule so you can zero in on what matters most to you.

Receive Advanced Platform Training To Empower Your Team

With Everflow Plus, you will be ready to soar to success with the help of hands-on advanced training on the platform’s capabilities.

Clients who sign up for Everflow Plus will have more training resources and support to become platform experts. Plus, on-going training sessions can be scheduled for new hires so the rest of your team can stay focused on revenue-generating tasks.

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to ensure that your platform training considers your business’s unique needs and goals. Training tailored to your program objectives ensures that your team is set up to use Everflow to its fullest potential for massive growth.

  • Get Ongoing Training: Schedule additional training sessions for new hires to ensure that your team is always equipped to deliver results beyond the launch.

  • Build A Learning Library: Receive recordings of all training sessions on the platform, so you can build an extensive learning library for your team.

  • Tailor Sessions For Unique Goals: Learn how to use platform features to meet your goals with training sessions customized to your unique needs.

Give your team the platform confidence they need to deliver results and scale faster!

Leverage Everflow’s Extensive Solutions With Hands-On Guidance

Everflow Plus ensures that you get the most out of all the features and functionalities that the platform has to offer when launching new projects.

With the highest level of support the industry has to offer, Everflow Plus offers insights and guidance tailored to your business's specific project and/or campaign aims. You’ll get optimized setup recommendations and support for launching your program, jumpstarting new marketing projects, and entering into new performance channels using Everflow.

  • Learn Platform Best Practices: Develop a growth strategy built on best practices for using the Everflow platform to its fullest potential.

  • Venture Into New Channels: Transition into new marketing channels you’ve never tried before with hands-on assistance.

  • Expand Platform Usage: Extend your use of the Everflow platform to manage additional departments so you can save time & resources and scale faster.

Ready to Grow?

Upgrading to Everflow Plus provides you with an account manager familiar with your needs and program goals who can help you set up your first offers, including events and payout structures. You’ll get further guidance on large projects or launching campaigns in new channels that may require configuring different tracking, payout structures, funnels, etc.

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