Currency Configurations

How to manage your currency settings inside of the Everflow platform.

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There are three levels at which you can configure currency, with each level affecting different aspects of the platform.

Here are the three levels where you can set currency, along with what options can be configured:

  1. Your User Account: Dashboard and Top-level Reporting

  2. Offer: Conversion-level Reporting (More info on this level configuration is available at Managing Advertiser Postbacks in Different Currencies.)

  3. Configuration: Invoices

Dashboard and Top-level Reporting

Your Dashboard and top-level reports will always be displayed in the currency configured in your User Account (shown below).

View or Edit Your Currency Configuration

To view or edit your currency configuration:

  • Navigate to Control Center - My Account inside of your Everflow dashboard to view or edit your currency configuration (shown below).

  • In the top-level reporting area, you can change the currency displayed by selecting your chosen currency from the drop-down menu located on the top-right end of the page -- if you want to use a currency other than the one set for your User Account (shown below).

Conversion-level Reporting

Since a Conversion Report shows individual conversions, each one will be shown in the currency set at the Offer level.

Please note that the Summary will display N/A if more than one currency is included (shown below).

  • You can view or edit the Offer Currency on the General card for any Offer. Please note that currency may not be edited after a click is generated.

Managing Advertiser Postbacks with Different Currencies

Advertisers may fire conversions to Everflow in any currency by using &currency=CURRENCY in the Conversion Postback/Pixel, and by using {
'currency': 'CURRENCY',
} as shown in the example below.

  • Configure your Offer-level Currency in Euros (EUR), and your Advertiser fires the Conversion Postback to Everflow in British Pound sterling (GBP).

    • S2S

    • JS SDK

      <script type="text/javascript" 

      <script type="text/javascript">
      offer_id: 10,
      amount: 100,
      parameters: {
      currency: "GBP"
  • Everflow will automatically convert the revenue and payout to EUR when recording the conversion (shown below).


Invoices are generated and displayed in Everflow by using your Configuration's Currency option.

  • Navigate to Control Center - Configuration to view or edit the currency configuration at the platform level.

In the case that an invoice includes conversions with different offer-level currencies than your Configuration Currency: The Offer will be first displayed with the Offer Currency data shown and then displayed as the converted exchange amount using your Configuration's Currency.

In the example below, the Configuration's Currency is in United States Dollars (USD) and includes conversions delivered from the offer-level currency of Thai Baht (THB).

Please note: The total is calculated in USD using the average exchange rate during the invoice time frame (shown below).

Base Value = Offer Currency

Please note: The Average Exchange Rate = Exchange Rate over the period of the report or invoice.

This value is used from a 24-hour period, ending at midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Exchange Rate Example:

Offer ID 123

Offer Currency: EUR

Configuration Currency: USD

Invoice Period: June 1 - 3

Sample Line Item: (100.00 EUR)

112.66 USD

In this case, the following exchange rate formula was used to calculate the USD value: ($1.12 + $1.13 + $1.13) / 3

Please note that Everflow uses for calculating exchange rates.

How To Generate Invoices Using Currency Configuration for Partner and/or Advertiser

To generate an invoice with Partner or Advertiser’s configured currency, navigate to Control Center - Configuration - Billing - General Card to enable Partner invoices generated in Partner's currency or Advertiser invoices generated in Advertiser’s currency feature.

Enabling this feature will generate a Partner/Advertiser invoice in the currency configured under their page, instead of Network level currency.

API End Point: Exchange Rate

Use this code block for the specific date/time used (note that time is optional in the call):

curl --request POST \ --url \ --header 'content-type: application/json' \ --header 'x-eflow-api-key: .....' \ --data '{ "from":"2020-02-01 08:00:00", "to":"2020-02-02 05:00:00", "timezone_id":90, "source_currency_id":"USD", "destination_currency_id": "EUR" }'

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