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Everflow Platform Organization: Tag Partners, Advertisers and Offers with internal Labels and assign your Offers to relevant categories.

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Updated - Feature Release 3.5.0 (February 2024):

  • Added UI options to access Segmentation Options and Email Templates directly within Control Center, streamlining configuration workflows.


Labels and Categories offer methods in which you can tag and categorize Partners, Advertisers and Offers. These organizational methods can be used internally for searching, assigning, filtering, and more.

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Think of a Label as a custom "tag" that can be added to a Partner, Advertiser or Offer which can be used for internal reporting, searching or filtering.

  • To create a label, first find the Partner, Advertiser or Offer to which you want to apply it by navigating either to Partners, Advertisers or Offers > Manage and clicking the name, then Edit. On the General tab, type the text for your label and hit "enter" on your keyboard.

Please Note:

  • You may apply multiple Labels per Partner, Advertiser or Offer.

  • You may use multiple words per Label.

  • You MUST hit the "enter" button on your keyboard in order for the Label to generate.

  • Remember to click Save only after all of your desired Labels appear in the Label field.

You can also navigate to Control Center - Segmentation Options > Label.

There you can set custom tags to link with a Partner, Advertiser, or Offer for internal reporting, searching, or filtering.


Categories provide a system for grouping Offers together for easy searching or reporting, both internally and externally. Since Categories are visible to Partners, common examples of categories include "Gaming", "Lead Gen", "Retail", etc. so that Partners can browse available offers accordingly.

In the image below, we can see that we are able to filter by Category under Offers - Manage:

Managing Categories

  • Navigate to Control Center - Segmentation Options > Categories. Here, you can add a new category or edit the status of an existing Category to either Active or Inactive.

Assigning a Category to an Offer

  • When adding or editing an offer, you can assign a Category to an Offer on the General tab by selecting from the drop-down list.

Using Categories in Reporting

  • In any report, select Category as a Filter to narrow your report results to those within the desired categories.

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