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Bulk Edit for Offers and Partners
Bulk Edit for Offers and Partners

Edit multiple Offers or Partners at the same time.

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The Bulk Edit feature allows you to make the same changes to multiple Offers, or to multiple Partners, all at once.

This feature is a massive time saver. For example, circumstances may change with advertiser agreements or publisher selection that require you to adjust the visibility settings for your offers in order to protect traffic quality. With Bulk Edit, you can do this all at one time instead of editing each offer's settings one at a time.

Please note that the screenshots below illustrate the Bulk Edit process for Offers, however the process is the same for Partners.

A How-To Guide

Step #1

  • If you want to edit:
    multiple Partners, navigate to Partners - Manage.
    multiple Offers, navigate to Offers - Manage.

  • Then, click the Bulk Edit button.

Step #2

  • Select the Offers you would like to edit. Click on an Offer to move it from Available to Selected, or Select All. In addition to the search bar, you may filter available Offers by status, label(s) or Advertiser(s) by clicking on the funnel icon.

Step #3

  • Select the Offer Field(s) you would like to edit and complete each associated prompted field. For example, selecting Revenue will prompt you to fill in the Base Revenue Type and the Revenue Per Conversion value. Please note that you may add multiple fields by clicking the Add button.

Step #4

  • After clicking Review, you will be sent to the Preview page where you can review the changes before saving them by clicking Apply.

*Pro Tip

  • Add an Advertiser-Level Event to multiple Offers by selecting General Field: Advertiser and Revenue & Payout Field: Additional Events, click Edit Additional Events, then click the Add Event button.


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