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Offer Templates

Learn how to create an Offer Template to save you time when creating new Offers.

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If there are specific types of Offers that you build regularly, you can save time by creating an Offer Template. Once your template has been saved with your desired targeting and settings, building your next Offer can be as simple as replacing the Base Destination URL.

Table of Contents

Creating Offer Templates

Step #1

  • Navigate to Offers - Templates > + Offer Template.

Step #2

  • Name your template, decide whether it will be your default template, and then add Prefilled Fields to enter the pre-set values you would like included on this template.

*Please note that if you already have a default template configured, enabling a new configuration will replace the one previously saved.

*Please Note: If you are using Advertiser-Level Events, you must add the Advertiser as a prefilled field first. Then, add Additional Events (under Revenue & Payout) as a prefilled field. By clicking Edit Additional Events, you can then select the Advertiser-Level Event.

Step #3

  • Save. You will see a summary of all fields in the Offer Template.

Using Offer Templates

There are two ways to access and utilize your Offer Templates:

  1. Navigate to Offers - Offer Templates, then click [Use Template]. You may also Edit, Delete or Set as default using the three vertical dots on the far right.

2. Navigate to Offers - Manage, then select Add Offer from Template from the drop-down button.

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