Product Feeds

A list of multiple products that can be uploaded into Everflow and downloaded by Partners to obtain all necessary product attributes

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Product Feeds allows you, or your Advertiser, to provide a list of multiple products that can be uploaded into Everflow. Partners can download the Product Feed to get all the product attributes in one file.

This is super helpful if you are using Offer URLs to separate different products available through a single offer, or perhaps you are an eCommerce advertiser with stores selling multiple products in different categories.

Creating A Product Feed

Navigate to Advertisers - Manage, then click on the Advertiser/Client for which you would like to create the Product Feed.

Click the Product Feeds tab, then click [ + Product Feed ].

Name the feed and select the status, and then use the toggle if you would like the Product Feed to be effective for a certain date range and/or according to a specific timezone.

Then, you must upload your Product Feed File in .csv format. The feed you upload here will be stored in the database to be downloaded by your Partner Users using the API.

CSV File Requirements & Information

  • Mandatory Headers: sku, name, url_link, price

  • Optional Headers: description, url_link_mobile, image_url, image_url_mobile, availability, brand, date_valid_from, date_valid_to

  • Headers can be uppercase or lowercase

Under Offer Selection, you may select any of the Advertiser/Client's available Offers.

Under Partner Selection, you can use the toggle to Apply to specific partner(s) or apply to all partners by default.

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