SamCart Integration
How to track products sold with SamCart using Everflow offers.
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SamCart is a 3rd party shopping cart service. This guide demonstrates how to set up an Everflow Offer to track products sold using SamCart.

When using a third party landing page in front of the url you MUST add in a custom domain inside of Samcart to support this. The integration does not work without doing that. Here is how to add a custom domain to Samcart.

For more information about SamCart - [Click Here]

Step #1

Once you have added your product in SamCart, click the dots icon for More, then select Share.

On the next page, select Copy Link. This is the URL you will use when creating the Offer in Everflow.

Step #2

In Everflow, create the Offer. For detailed instructions on creating an Offer - [Click Here]

  • Under General, paste the product link from SamCart as the Base Destination URL.

  • Under Tracking & Control, turn on the toggle for Use Direct Linking. We recommend selecting HTTPS iframe Pixel (with Transaction ID) as the Conversion Method.

Step #3

Once the Offer is created and saved, copy the Click Script from the Everflow JS SDK card.

Step #4

In SamCart, click the Settings icon.

Scroll down to Global Product Details, and paste the Everflow JS SDK Click Script under Embed HTML/Scripts in Header.

Be sure to scroll up and click Save Changes.

Step #5

Click Products, then click on the product.

Step #6

Click on the Advanced Settings tab. Under Fire pixels/scripts after an order is completed, paste the script below.

Be sure to plug in your Advertiser ID into the code under var aid = INSERT_ADVERTISER_ID. This is the only part of the code that needs to be changed specific to your account.

<script type="text/javascript">



aid: aid,

amount: "##product_total##",

adv1: "##product_id## ",

adv2: "##product_quantity## ",

adv3: "##product_name## ",

order_id: "##order_id##",

email: "##email##",
parameters: { "currency" : "##currency##" }




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