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How to track conversions from your Wix store in your Everflow dashboard.
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How to track conversions in Everflow when they happen in your Wix store.

Please note: You must have a premium account with Wix.

Step #1

Be sure your store is set up on Wix. Your store must include your own website with your own private, custom domain.

Step #2

Create an Offer in Everflow. For a detailed guide on offer setup - [Click Here]

  • Under General, enter the Base Destination URL using the same domain as your Wix site, and perhaps even linking directly to your product.

  • Under Tracking & Controls, select Javascript SDK and turn on Direct Linking.

All other offer settings are entirely up to you. Save the Offer.

Step #3

Find and copy the Advertiser ID on the Offer Page.

In this example, the Advertiser ID is: 9

Scroll down on the Offer page to find the Tracking card. Copy the tracking domain used in that script.

In this example, the domain is: eflow-internal.servtrk.com

Step #4

Insert your domain and Advertiser ID into the following script.

<script type="text/javascript" 

<script type="text/javascript">
offer_id: EF.urlParameter('oid'),
affiliate_id: EF.urlParameter('affid'),
sub1: EF.urlParameter('sub1'),
sub2: EF.urlParameter('sub2'),
sub3: EF.urlParameter('sub3'),
sub4: EF.urlParameter('sub4'),
sub5: EF.urlParameter('sub5'),
uid: EF.urlParameter('uid'),
source_id: EF.urlParameter('source_id'),
transaction_id: EF.urlParameter('_ef_transaction_id'),

function registerListener() {
function (eventName, eventParams) {
if (eventName == "Purchase") {
var order;
order = {
oid: eventParams.id,
amt: eventParams.revenue,
cc: eventParams.coupon,
items: []
eventParams.contents.forEach(function (line_item) {
var item = {};
item['ps'] = line_item.sku;
item['p'] = line_item.price;
item['qty'] = line_item.quantity;

order: order,
order_id: eventParams.id,
coupon_code: eventParams.coupon,
parameters: {
"currency": eventParams.currency
amount: eventParams.revenue - eventParams.shipping - eventParams.tax,

window.wixDevelopersAnalytics ?
registerListener() :
window.addEventListener('wixDevelopersAnalyticsReady', registerListener);

Step #5

Go back to your project in Wix. Navigate to the Settings page, then under Advanced, click Custom Code.

Click + Add Custom Code and paste your script under Paste the code snippet here.

  • Under Add Code to Pages, select All pages and then Load code once.

  • Under Place Code in, select Head.

Click Apply.


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