Instapage Integration

This article will show you how to pass form submit data from Instapage forms to Everflow.

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Step #1

  • First, you must create the landing page inside Instapage.
    For more information - [Click Here]

Step #2

  • Navigate to the landing page. Then, click Scripts & Privacy.

  • Then, select the Footer tab.

Step #3

  • Enter the following code inside the Footer tab.

<script type="text/javascript" 

<script type="text/javascript">{
offer_id: EF.urlParameter('oid'),
affiliate_id: EF.urlParameter('affid'),
sub1: EF.urlParameter('sub1'),
sub2: EF.urlParameter('sub2'),
sub3: EF.urlParameter('sub3'),
sub4: EF.urlParameter('sub4'),
sub5: EF.urlParameter('sub5'),
uid: EF.urlParameter('uid'),
source_id: EF.urlParameter('source_id'),
transaction_id: EF.urlParameter('_ef_transaction_id'),

window.instapageFormSubmitSuccess = function (form) {

var formEmail = ""
var advArray = []

Array.from(form.elements).forEach(function(element) {
if (element.type === "email") {
formEmail = element.value
} else if (element.type === "text"){

email: formEmail,
adv1: advArray[0],
adv2: advArray[1],
adv3: advArray[2],
adv4: advArray[3],
adv5: advArray[4],


  • Replace INSERT_TRACKING_DOMAIN with the domain from your account, which can be found by navigating to Control Center - Platform Configuration > Domains.

In the example below, the domain is

  • Replace INSERT_AID with the Advertiser ID, which can be found by navigating to Offers > Manage > Click the Offer.

In the example below, the Advertiser ID is 8.

Step #4

  • Be sure to Save, then click the "back" button. Click Update Experience.

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