This integration will show you how to place code inside Weebly/Square Online to track data back to Everflow when a user purchases.
You will be using the JavaScript SDK.

Step #1 Copying your offer destination url

Login to Weebly and click this link:

Then copy your site's url here:

Step #2 Creating the offer inside Everflow

Login to Everflow. Create a new offer, you will need to make sure to do these two things:
1. Use that url you copied in step #1 as the destination url.

2. Enable "Direct Linking" on the Tracking & Controls page.

More information on how to set up an offer here.

Then save the offer.

Step #3 Adding the Click Script to Weebly

Scroll down to the "JavaScript SDK" box on the offer page. Make sure the "Click" tab is selected and copy the click script here:

Inside Weebly, navigate to Website > Integrations:

Click "Add New Code" in the "Add custom header code" box here:

Paste the code like this:

Then hit "Save"

Step #4 Setting up the conversion code

Navigate back to Everflow and in the same JavaScript SDK box click on the "conversion" tab.

Set the settings like this (make sure to select "Advertiser ID"):


Everflow Parameter

Weebly Macro











Then copy the conversion code and navigate back to Weebly. Go to Settings > General:

Then scroll down to the bottom of that page. Click "Edit" inside the "Tracking" box here:

Place the code inside the "Custom Tracking - Receipt Page" here:

Then hit "Save"

Step #5 Test the set up

Navigate back to Everflow and go to the offer page. Click the tracking links box and generate a "Test Advertiser Tracking Link". Then open an incognito window with your browser, put that link in the url and hit enter. Then go through and produce a purchase.

After you are done doing that please go to the Reporting > Conversion report and run a report there to see the conversion. If you don't see a conversion please contact support@everflow.io and we can assist you.



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