Partner Portal: Guide to Offer Visibility

A Guide to offer visibility from the Partner's perspective.

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Everflow clients may apply various Visibility settings to an Offer. Here are what the different visibility statuses means for their Partners:

  • Apply - You must apply for permission to run the Offer

  • Approved - You have previously been approved to run the Offer

  • Public - The offer is available for all Partners

  • T&Cs Required - You must agree to Offer-specific Terms & Conditions prior to approval

Requesting Approval for an Offer

  • Navigate to Offers and find the Offer for which you wish to apply.

  • Check the Visibility column for the availability status.

  • Click Apply, if necessary.


If the Offer requires specific T&Cs to be agreed upon, the terms will pop up when you click on the Offer and you will have the opportunity to accept them.


f notifications are enabled, you will receive one when your application is approved or denied.

For more about your notification preferences - [Click Here]

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