Updated in Feature Release 2.8.1 (June 2, 2020): Import multiple Countries with 2-Letter Codes


This article is on overview for configuring precise targeting for your Offers.

Step 1.

Find the Offer for which you would like to configure targeting and click Edit from the GENERAL tab.

OFFERS > MANAGE > Select the Offer > Edit


Step 2.

Here is general information you can change. Click on the section header titled TARGETING.

OFFERS > MANAGE > Select the Offer > Edit > TARGETING


Step 3.

In the TARGETING tab, you can define targeting rules, including Device Characteristics (Platform, Device Type, Browser, OS Version, Language) and Geo-location (Country, Region, City, DMA, Mobile Carrier, ISP).

Simply click on a rule header and add or subtract them from targeting by clicking either + or -. 

Selected rules will appear in a column on the right-hand side.

Please Note: When using Country targeting, you can now "Import" multiple countries at once by using 2-letter Country Codes (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2). You can add these codes either 1 per line, or separated by commas. You can also choose whether to Whitelist or Blacklist these countries.


The sections below allow for more advanced targeting based on Connection, IP Ranges, Traffic Filtering, and Day Parting. 

For Connection, you can choose between All, Mobile Only and WiFi Only. 

You can target specific IPs or IP ranges by switching between Exact and Range. 

For Traffic Filtering, you must select a parameter and fill in the Match Type, Value and Action. 

Day Parting allows you to select what day/time the Offer is active. 

If a click occurs outside of the designated day/time the user will go to a blank page. 

Simply flip the switch and select when you would like the Offer to run.



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