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v2.9.4 Feature Release Notes
v2.9.4 Feature Release Notes

Feature Release 2.9.4 on October 26, 2021

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Feature Updates

  • Price Per Product (SKU) now available as a Payout/Revenue Type [Details]

  • Products Report now available [Details]

  • Refunds Report now available for Shopify, WooCommerce and ClickFunnels [Details]

  • Notification for every Conversion/Event now available in Email Templates [Details]

  • Custom Settings includes 'Is empty' as variable match type [Details]

  • Conversions with $0 payout can now be added from the Portal [Details]

  • Conversions can now be imported using Email + Coupon + Order ID [Details]

  • Imports via .csv file now supports 'currency_id' as a column [Details]

  • Partner Signup Form now supports Additional Fields, Email Verification, One-Click/Auto-Approval Publisher Onboarding, Additional Sections, Checkbox option for Custom Fields, ability to customize or omit Company/Individual/Website Name [Details]

  • Partner Tiers now supports Labels [Details]

  • Order ID macro supported in Partner Postback [Details]

  • Partner Portal now supports custom display for Account Manager contact info [Details]


  • Saved & Scheduled Reports now support User Management columns [Details]

  • PayPal: Added formatting rules to the Email, phone, and account reception method

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