Updated in feature release 2.8.0 (April 15, 2020): Import Offer URLs in bulk.

How to create an Offer URL or Import multiple Offer URLs in Bulk:

To create an Offer URL inside one single Offer, navigate to Manage, located under the Offers section on the left hand side of your dashboard. Select an Offer to add an Offer URL to. You will then see an option to Import (or Add an Offer URL).


If your Offer has a multitude of Offer URLs to add, select Import to allow a CSV file upload.  

*name, status, destination_url and preview_url are mandatory headers. preview_url cells can be left blank.

**maximum file size is 100 records.


Select Import to upload the CSV file and manage the Import, before they are added to the Offer.


To add only one, or just a few Offer URLs, click on Add to configure your link. 

Fill in the name, select a status, set toggle to apply to all Partners and visible to all Partners, and enter the additional Destination URL. 

If needed, add those macros into the Destination URL and add a Preview URL for Partners to see. 

Click Add when finished.



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