The Documents section allows you to post documents for specified Partners or Advertisers to view or download. You might find this to be a useful space for storing contracts, IOs or other relevant resources. Furthermore, the DocuSign integration allows for electronic signatures and contract execution with Partners and Advertisers.


Adding a Document

Navigate to Control Center - Documents > +Add Document


From an Advertiser or Partner view (Advertisers or Partners - Manage > click on name of Partner or Advertiser), find the Documents tab and click +Add Document.


Using DocuSign with a Document

**Please note that you must have a DocuSign account in order to require signature, and that the integration must be enabled first at Control Center - Integrations > E-Signature.

If you want to use your DocuSign integration to require an electronic signature by your Partner(s) or Advertiser(s), use the toggle to Require Signature

The Advertiser or Partner will be sent an email with a URL to follow for signature.

The document will also appear in the Partner's or Advertiser's portal, as shown below, and allows for signature by clicking on the three dots on the right side.

Use the E-Signature Status column in the Documents tab to see the current stage of execution via DocuSign: either Sent or Complete. 



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