This article walks you through navigating your account preferences, setting up user accounts for your employees, and provides resources for additional network security.

My Account

Navigate to Control Center - My Account.

This includes your personal information, as well as a link to change your password, your personal API key for initiating API integrations (not to be given to 3rd parties, such as Partners or Advertisers). If you are a Partner or Advertiser manager, you will also see a Partner/Advertiser sign up link that will automatically list a new Partner/Advertiser sign up under you, provided their application is accepted.

Default notifications have been selected for your account. If you wish to customize these notifications to your preference, select the toggle to the right of the action that represents your desired deliver method/s. 

Pro Tip: After 25 unsuccessful login attempts, the user will have to wait 10 minutes before being allowed to try again.

Setting up Employee Accounts

Navigate to Control Center - Accounts.

Accounts is where you can create, delete and manage the access of employees by setting their roles. Only Administrators have access to the Roles section.

Who is an Administrator? Refer to the rightmost column under a user's name. Administrators are marked with a green tick and "Yes".

Partner Manager - If Global access is selected, the Partner Manager can see stats for all other Partners that are not assigned to them. If Limited is chosen, the Stats in their reports will be for their own Partners only.

Default Partner/Advertiser Manager - This setting assigns the employee as manager for new Partners and/or Advertisers when the sign-up link is used. Please note that there can only be one default Partner/Advertiser manager for each Everflow account.

Managing Employee Permissions

Navigate to Control Center - Roles <<need Admin access to add an employee>>

This is where you'll define your user's access to sections of the platform. Roles can be created for any Employee type. If you are an admin, you can create new roles and manage what left side menu items are visible to the Employee. Sections of the UI can be hidden for sensitivity reasons, or to simplify the dashboard of a user with a very narrow focus. When creating your Role, you will see a drop down menu asking you to select whether the permission should include the ability to edit and make changes (Full Access), or the permission is to simply view the section (Read Only).

History of Employee Accounts

Navigate to Control Center - Accounts - History tab

History is where you can view any modifications made within the platform by specific employees and timeframe.

Network Security

Everflow offers built-in login security measures that are not found in the UI. Please talk to your OnBoarding specialist or a Customer Success rep if you would like any of the following enabled:

  1. 2-factor Authentication 

  2. Automatic log out after a designated period of time 

  3. Automatic log out after a designated period of inactivity


We've assembled a superstar team of industry veterans that are available around the clock to make sure that your issues are resolved and questions are answered. You can reach out any time in-platform via Chat or by emailing support@everflow.io.

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