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v2.9.1 Feature Release Notes
v2.9.1 Feature Release Notes

Feature Release v2.9.1 on December 15, 2020

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  • Coupon Codes can now be configured with a start/end date [Details]

  • Partner Postback Test Tool has a new design, works with Direct Linking offers and supports clicks coming from IPV6 [Details]

  • Columns are now selectable when downloading a Conversion Report [Details]

  • Offer Settings can now be copied from an existing Offer to another existing Offer

  • CSV imports can now include the columns email, offer_url_id, and sub1-5 [Details}


  • If there are more than one applicable Custom Settings with equal priority, the one created most recently will be applied

  • Device Brands can now be selected in Targeting [Details]

  • Traffic Controls now supports ISP targeting [Details]

  • Variables are now searchable in Traffic Controls overview

  • Telegram is now listed as an Instant Messaging option for Partner/Advertiser/Network Users [Details]

  • New partner payment methods added: Webmoney, Gift Card and Capitalist [Details]

  • Coupon Code column is now supported in the Dynamic Nested Report [Details]

  • Tracking Domain is now a column and filter in all detailed reporting & analytics

  • Average Order Value and Gross Sales are now available across all reporting

  • Legal Entity Type drop down updated in the Partner Sign-Up Form

  • Creative ID added by default to E-Commerce integrations

  • Coupon Code is now searchable in the Conversion Report

  • Categories are now editable in Control Center > Categories

  • Traffic Filter is now available in the Targeting tab of a Forwarding Rule


  • E-Commerce: Clickbank [Details]

  • Billing: MassPay

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