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v3.4.5 Feature Release Notes
v3.4.5 Feature Release Notes

Feature release notes for February 2024.

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Feature Updates

Offers (Traffic Controls)

  • Released support for Tracking Domain as one of the Variables options [Details].


  • Enabled additional Run Frequency configurations (1 & 3 hours) for SmartSwitch [Details]

Smart Links

  • Expanded the Run Frequency options in KPI Based Configuration to include additional intervals of 1 hour, 3 hours, and 6 hours [Details]


  • Added Partner User Email Changed notifications to be alerted when a Partner user email is updated in the system by the Partner.

  • Added Coupon Code Deactivated to notify affiliates when a coupon code became inactive.

Reporting (Partner Postback)

  • You can now receive reporting for all failed Partner Postbacks instead of just the previous standard 25.

Partner Bulk Edit

  • Added two new Field Types for Partner Bulk Edit: "Specific Tracking Domain" and "Offer(s) Specific Tracking Domain" (to bulk edit and assign a tracking domain for a group of affiliates).

Reporting & Analytics

  • You can now customize the order of metrics in Reporting and Analytics using Column Customization in Table Actions to prioritize which columns are displayed first or next to each other [Details]

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