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How to navigate the Manage Menu for Offers, Advertisers and Partners.

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Updated - Feature Release 3.4.1 (October 2023):

  • Ability to select multiple advertisers for filtering inside Offers > Manage table overview

  • Added search function and column customization for 'Encoded Value' inside Offers > Manage table overview

  • Added filters for 'Country' and 'Region' inside Partners > Manage table overview

  • Added filter and column customization for 'Payment Terms' inside Partners > Manage table overview

  • Added column customization and export ability for 'Website' inside Partners > Manage table overview

Navigation & Customization

Offer, Advertiser, and Partner Manage Tabs

  • Navigate to: (Hamburger Menu) Navigation Bar > Offers/Partners/Advertisers > Manage

See added functionality in the following tabs:

Manage Overview

  • Name and vertical dots are sticky on either side of each row.

  • At the top right, you can find additional Table Actions by clicking on the vertical dots

    • Add Offer from Template: Create a new offer via a pre-setup template

    • Share: Redirects to the Direct Message tool.

    • Export: Export table to a CSV or JSON

    • Columns Customization: Toggle on and off which columns you would like visible in the table

    • Show API Request: See the API call for the customized table

  • Access Filters by clicking on the funnel icon or the Active pulldown menu.

    • The active pulldown menu is only available in the Offers > Manage screen. It allows you to quickly change the filter on the status of the Offer. By default, it will be set to Active.

    • You can filter the overview by various data points such as Labels, Account Managers, and Categories.

    • Check Box Selection allows you to select multiple rows at once for a specific action.

      • Change Status: Set to Active, Paused, or Deleted

      • Bulk Edit: Preselect rows with check box to Bulk Edit

      • (Only for Offers) Share: Creates a Direct Message for the selected Offers

      • (Only for Partners) Change Notification Preferences: Enable/disable optional notifications for selected Partners

Manage > Partners / Advertisers > Pending Tab

  • Check Box Selection allows you to select multiple rows at once for a specific action.

    • Approve or Reject pending applications

    • (Only for Advertisers) Edit allows you to designate an Advertiser Manager to selected rows.

    • (Only for Partners) Edit allows the following for selected rows:

Manage > Partners > Unverified Tab

To find out more about Partner Sign Up and Email Verification, click here. The Partners in this tab did not verify their email address upon signup.

Clicking on the vertical dots at the end of each row provides the option to:

  • Resend the verification email to the email address in the "User Email" column.

  • Bypass the email verification step, and approve the Partner's application.


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