Using Traffic Sources

Learn how to use the Traffic Source to add parameters to the default Partner tracking links.

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The Traffic Source feature provides a seamless way of attaching your desired parameters for Partners to use for sending certain values into Everflow. This guide will walk you through the process for setting up these Traffic Sources and applying them to Tracking Links from inside the Everflow platform.

How to Build and Apply Traffic Sources

Step #1

  • Navigate to Partners - Traffic Sources, then click the Add Traffic Source button.

Step #2

  • Use the toggle to choose whether or not you would like to associate a Postback URL with the Traffic Source.

When enabled, and the Traffic Source is applied to the Partner Tracking Link, the Postback URL will be automatically tied to the Offer / Partner. You can view Postback URLs by navigating to Partners - Postbacks.

For a detailed guide to Partner Postbacks - [Click Here]

Step #3

  • Add Tracking Link Parameters by clicking on the [+] button. Enter the desired parameters and macros that will be automatically appended to the Partner Tracking Link when the Traffic Source is applied. In this case, there is no need for your Partner to build the link using [&] signs, as Everflow will insert these parameters automatically.

Step #4

  • Generate a Partner's tracking link and apply a Traffic Source by navigating to Offers - Manage > Select the Offer > Offer Tracking Links.

  • Select the Partner and Traffic Source, and then you will see the Traffic Source parameters appended to their tracking link.

For a detailed guide on generating Partner Tracking Links - [Click Here]

Step #5

  • Apply the Traffic Source to a Partner's account so that these custom parameters and macros are automatically included when the Partner generates their own tracking links in the Partner Portal. Navigate to Partners - Manage > Select the Partner > General card - Edit > Enable and Select Traffic Source - Save.

  • Please note that you may also apply a Traffic Source to pending Partners by navigating to Partners - Manage > Pending > Select Partner > General - Edit.


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