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How to Generate Partner Tracking Links
How to Generate Partner Tracking Links

A guide for building and generating Partner Tracking Links and QR Codes.

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Updated - Hotfix 3.2.0 (April 2023):

  • Added the ability to share QR codes in bulk from the Tracking & Asset Generator [Click Here]

Table of Contents

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Locating the Tracking Link Generator

The Tracking Link Generator is conveniently found in multiple locations within the platform.

  • Tools - Tracking Link Generator

  • Please note: You have the option to pin the Tracking Link Generator to the navigation bar by clicking on the Pin Icon.

  • Partners - Manage > Click the Partner > Tracking Link button

  • Offers - Manage > Dots - Get Tracking Link

  • Offers - Manage > Click the Offer > Tracking Link button

Building Tracking Links

Step #1: Define Parameters

  • Offer: Select the Offer.

  • Partner: Select the Partner who will run traffic to the Offer via the tracking link/QR code.

  • URL (Optional): If an Offer has additional Offer URLs, you can choose whether the tracking link points to the Base Destination URL, a specific Offer URL, or rotates between all URLs. Base Destination URL is selected by default.

  • Traffic Source (Optional): If a Traffic Source is tied to a Partner, and that Partner is selected, the Traffic Source will be selected by default. Or, you may select any Traffic Source if there are not any specifically tied to the Partner. For more info on Traffic Sources - [Click Here]

  • Creative (Optional): Automatically append the Creative ID associated with the Offer.

  • Encrypt Parameters (Optional): Only for redirect tracking links. Suggested for email traffic sources. In order to use this feature with a Traffic Source, you will need to add the Traffic Source before the Source_id/Sub1-5 parameters.

Additional Parameters

  • Source_id and Sub1-5: These parameters can be appended manually by the Partner, or you can add them with placeholders using the Tracking Link Generator. The values passed in these parameters can be passed through to the Base Destination URL/Offer URL and will be available as a data point in reporting.

    • Please note: There is a limit of 200 characters per parameter. If there are more than 200 characters, the value will be truncated.

Step #2: Select Link Format

  • If Direct Linking is enabled for the Offer, you will need to select either Direct Linking or Redirect Link.

  • Skip to Step #3 if Direct Linking is not enabled.

For more information about Direct Linking - [Click Here]

Step #3: Copy and Share

  • Click the Copy icon below the tracking link box and share it with your Partner.

Generate Tracking Links in Bulk

All Partners / One Offer

  • You may generate tracking links for all Partners on a specific Offer by navigating to Offers - Manage > Click the Offer > Tracking Link button > Generate All Tracking Links. The list can be exported as a .csv file.

One Partner / Multiple Offers

  • You may generate tracking links for one Partner on multiple Offers by navigating to
    Partners - Manage - Click the Partner > Visibility tab.

  • Check the desired Offers and click the Generate Tracking Links button. The list can be exported as a .csv file.

QR Codes

The Tracking Link Generator also builds QR codes.

  • To view an Offer's QR code, you can click the View QR Code icon below the tracking link box.

  • To generate QR codes for your offers, click Generate Link to All QR Codes.

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