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Pre-Pop Data from Tracking Link to Advertiser's Landing Page
Pre-Pop Data from Tracking Link to Advertiser's Landing Page

How to pass pre-populated data points in Partner Tracking Links to automatically fill landing page forms.

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Pre-pop refers to filling data points at the Partner level, and seamlessly passing those values through to the Base Destination URL as a method to populate the fields displayed on the landing page of the Offer. This article outlines how to enable this global setting, as well as the steps to building Base Destination URLs and Partner Tracking Links that work together to pre-pop data for your advertiser's form.

How to Build a Tracking Link for Pre-Pop

Step #1

  • Identify the fields of the landing page form that you want to pre-pop. These fields need to be added to the Base Destination URL of the Offer as parameters.

    For example, the first name and email fields on a landing page's form can be pre-popped, in which case the Base Destination URL might look like this:

Step #2

  • Insert macros into the Base Destination URL which will be used to map the proper parameters in the Partner Tracking Link. Everflow allows you to make up your own macros for this use case.

For example, using the Base Destination URL from Step #1, you might fill it with macros that look like this:{firstname}&email={email}

Step #3

  • Now, map the macros you added in Step #2 to the parameters in the Partner Tracking Link.

For example, using the same Base Destination URL from Steps #1 and #2, the Partner Tracking Link would look like this:

Step #4

  • Send the Partner Tracking Link to your Partner and ask them to replace the placeholders, i.e. INSERT_FIRST_NAME and INSERT_EMAIL, with their own macros when they set up the offer in their system.

    When the tracking link redirects to the Base Destination URL, the values passed via the parameters in the Partner Tracking Link will automatically be passed through to the Advertiser URL's designated parameters for receiving the data.

    Alternatively, you can use the Traffic Sources feature as a method for building the tracking link with the desired macros or placeholders. For a detailed guide on using Traffic Sources - [Click Here]

Global Setting

Turning on this global setting is not necessary for most setups.

If you need to automatically append non-Everflow custom parameters and their associated values from the Partner Tracking Link through to the Base Destination URL, you can enable the global setting by navigating to:

Control Center - Platform Configurations > Global Settings card - Edit > Enable Enable tracking links to pass Pre-Pop data.

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