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Deep Linking allows Partners to send their traffic directly to a specific URL without using extra Offer URLs or custom landing pages.

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The Deep Linking (Deep Links) feature provides your Partners with a choice to send traffic to alternative landing pages without using additional Offer URLs. This article outlines the steps to enable Deep Linking, as well as the steps for building a tracking link compatible with deep linking.

Please note: The Deep Linking feature will only work with Offers using a traditional redirect tracking URL, not those using Direct Linking.

Enabling Deep Links

  • Navigate to Offers - Manage, then click on the name of the Offer.

  • Click Edit on the General card, and then go to the Tracking & Controls tab.

  • Activate the toggle for Support Deep Links and Save.

Deep Links can also be enabled via bulk editing.

  • Navigate to Offers - Manage > Bulk Edit. Select the offers you want to edit.

  • Select Field Type: Tracking & Controls - Allow Deep Link.

  • Switch on the toggle for Support Deep Links, click Review to Apply.

Building Partner Tracking Links for Deep Linking

Step #1

  • Navigate to Offers - Manage, then click on the name of the Offer.

  • Click [Offer Tracking Links], and build your tracking link(s).

Step #2

Add ?url= to the end of the Partner Tracking Link.

Step #3

Have the URL that you will append to the end of the Partner Tracking Link ready. At the end of this URL, optionally, your traffic partner can append Everflow macros to pass values to the destination.

For example, this is your appended destination: . You can add ?sub1=PASS_VALUE_HERE&sub2=PASS_VALUE_HERE behind the completed (tracking link + new destination) URL.

Use an encoding website to encode this string. Everflow recommends using this encoding website, but you can use any site you prefer:

Step #4

Add the encoded value to the appended url= parameter in the Partner Tracking Link.

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