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Why isn't Partner Tracking link redirecting?
Why isn't Partner Tracking link redirecting?

Troubleshooting tips on what to check when a partner tracking link is not redirecting to the Advertiser's landing page.

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Why isn't the Partner tracking link redirecting to the Base Destination URL?

Below are a few possibilities that could prevent a successful redirect to the Advertiser's page.

#1: Check targeting.

If the device you are using is not allowed on the Offer based on the targeting criteria, this could cause the link to go to a dead page or to a Fail Traffic Offer.

Furthermore, there could be targeting criteria on the Advertiser's side. Even if there is no targeting criteria defined in Everflow, the Advertiser's targeting could still prevent the click from reaching their page.

Lastly, in the case of an app install campaign where the final destination is the App Store or Google Play Store, the store may not open if the click is not from the appropriate device.

#2: Check the Advertiser's tracking link.

It is possible that the Advertiser has provided the wrong link for your Base Destination URL. Try pasting their link into a browser (use a mobile device, if relevant) - if the link doesn't act as expected, then that would indicate there is an issue with the Advertiser's link, not with the Partner's tracking link.

#3: Check the Partner's tracking link.

Confirm that the tracking link being used is, in fact, correct. It should match exactly what is generated for that Partner in Everflow.

For more details on how to pull Partner tracking links for your Partners - [Click Here]

For a Partner's guide on pulling tracking links from their Portal - [Click Here]

#4: Make sure the Partner is approved to run the Offer.

The Partner must be approved to run the Offer.

To confirm, navigate to the Offer page, and look at the Partner Visibility card (Offers - Manage > Click on the Offer > Partner Visibility card). Click Edit if you need to add the Partner. Alternatively, you can check the Partner's Visibility from the Partner page (Partners - Manage > Click on the Partner > Visibility tab).

Invalid Clicks

Typically, if the link does not lead to the Base Destination URL, you have generated an Invalid Click. If so, you'll be able to see exactly why you didn't reach the Advertiser's page.

  • Navigate to Reporting - Click to run the Click Report. Click the three dots on the right to add the columns for Error and Error Message to the report. Invalid Clicks will have a red X in the Error column.

For a more detailed guide on Invalid Clicks - [Click Here]

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