Step #1

Login to your Portal to view the Dashboard, then scroll down to the Tracking Link card.

Step #2

Select the Offer and then select the URL (Note: If the Offer has no additional URLs, then the URL dropdown will not be shown).

If desired, use additional parameters to send values such as Source ID, Sub1, Sub2, Sub3, Sub4, and Sub5. You will have access to the data you pass into those spots in Analytics - Flex report.

Step #1

You can generate tracking links for all of your offers at the same time by navigating to Offers, then click the Generate Tracking Links button.

Step #2

(Optional) Add values you want to pass in the additional supported parameters here.

Step #3

Export the table by clicking the CSV button in the upper left side of the screen, or simply copy individual tracking links from the page.

The Creative Link is a zipped file of all the creative assets for the Offer.

Offer URL name is the landing page name. If it is blank, it means that the tracking link is associated with the base URL rather than a special landing page.

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