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How Do I Access The Tracking Link Generator?

There are multiple locations within the platform with access to the Tracking Link Generator.

  • Click the menu button in the upper left corner, and select Tracking Link Generator.

    • Additionally, you may pin the Tracking Link Generator to your sidebar for easy access all the time. Simply hover your mouse over Tracking Link Generator (or anything else on your left-side menu) and click the Pin Icon.

  • Navigate to your left-side menu and select Tracking Link Generator. Please note that this feature can be accessed from the left-side menu regardless of your location within the platform.

  • Click the Tracking Link Generator card located on your dashboard.

  • Navigate to Offers - Manage. Click the Tracking Link button for any Offer.

How To Use The Tracking Link Generator

  • Select the Offer and then select the URL (If the Offer has no additional URLs, then the URL dropdown will not be shown)

  • If desired, use additional parameters to send values such as Source ID, Sub1, Sub2, Sub3, Sub4, and Sub5. You will have access to the data you pass into those spots in Analytics - Flex report.

  • Encrypt Tracking Link Parameters, when checked, allows you to encrypt all parameters and values that are appended to the tracking link.

Click the icons to either copy the Direct Linking or Redirect tracking link, or view the QR code.

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