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A Guide To Creative Assets
A Guide To Creative Assets

How to set up and edit Simple Creatives (Image, Link, Video) and Complex Creatives (including Email & HTML)

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Updated - Feature Release 3.4.1 (October 2023):

  • Instructions edited under Add HTML to better inform users about building from zip files vs. manually building [Click Here]

  • Bulk Edit now supports Field Types: Name, Privacy

Updated - Hotfix 3.3.0 (June 2023):

  • New dropdown menu for adding creatives assets added to Offers > Creatives, and revamped forms and processes for uploading and assigning creative assets. [Click Here]

    • Complex Creatives (Email & HTML)

      • New upload form

      • Once a Zip File is added, the Zip Scanner is able to automatically scan, divide and display the sections of the HTML & assets separately

      • Links and assets are highlighted in yellow and clickable, and a pencil icon prompts a small popup modal for quick browsing

      • Added ability to Bulk Edit

      • Added ability to include multiple 'From' & 'Subject' lines assigned to an Email Creative

      • Macro added 'tracking_link_encrypted_parameters'

    • Simple Creatives (Image, Link, Video)

      • New upload form

      • Added ability to Bulk Add


Bulk upload and track all of your ad creatives that your partners need to promote your offers, including: Email HTML creatives, banners ads, videos, and more.

Our email creative tools make it easy to quickly update email assets to dynamically include tracking links, embed approved images, and make bulk updates to your content.

Table of Contents

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A How-To Guide: HTML or Email

Navigate to Offers - Creatives. Then click [+ Creative]. Select Email or HTML. (Please note Email and HTML are grouped together since the only difference between them are From & Subject fields.)


  • Fill in the required fields including Creative Name, Status, and Privacy Settings.

  • Select Email or HTML under Creative Type.
    If you've selected Email, you will be prompted to enter the 'From' and 'Subject' fields.



  • Click Next.

A Note About Using Dynamic Macros

You can insert macros to dynamically populate the Creatives for your Partners automatically.

For example, to include the Partner Tracking Link so that it's embedded in the Creative itself, use one of the following: macro:

  • {tracking_link} This macro is associated with the Conversion Method configured at the Offer level, so it could be either a Direct Link or traditional redirect link.

  • {tracking_link_redirect} Use this macro if your offer is configured for Direct Linking, as the redirect must be enforced for dynamic creatives to function properly.

Build (HTML Only)

You can either Build From Zip File or Manually Build, by selecting the respective tab.

Build From Zip File

Manually Build

Upload your zip file. Once successfully loaded, the Zip File Components are scanned, divided, and displayed in two boxes: HTML and Assets.

In the HTML box, the code from the zip file is displayed. Here, all the links that are highlighted in yellow can be modified by clicking the small pencil icon or highlighted link.

Then, you may browse through links quickly in the popup modal, and use a dropdown to replace links with macros.

By clicking one of the highlighted links, you may replace it with another uploaded asset listed from the dropdown menu with preexisting macros.

Bulk Edit (Optional)

At this point, you also have the option to perform a Bulk Edit in case you already have multiple links or multiple image links to replace with the same macro. (i.e. changing multiple links with the same Tracking Link).

Select either Links or Image Links to access a table of all assets in checkbox form. Check the links to replace and select from the dropdown menu what you would like to replace the selection with.

Input your HTML code directly into the text box. Then, upload your assets.

To delete an asset, simply hover over the selection and click the X at the top right corner.

  • Click Next.


Regardless of your build method, the entirety of the code is displayed and editable here.



  • Click Save.

Simple Creatives (Images, Links, or Videos)

  • Navigate to Offers - Creatives. Then click [+ Creative]. Select Image, Link or Video,


  • Add a simple creative during the last step of adding or editing an offer. In this example, we'll demonstrate from the Add Offer screen (Offers - Add > Step 8: Creatives).

  • Enter the required fields including Creative Name, Creative Status and Visibility.

  • Then, upload your creative file (.jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif / max. 20mb per image)

  • Click Save.

Bulk Add

Bulk Add is a useful feature for adding the same creative asset(s) to more than one offer.

Please note, this is available only for thumbnails and images (Simple Creatives), NOT for HTML or Email (Complex Creatives).

  • Navigate to Offers - Creatives. Then click [+ Creative]. Select Bulk Add.

  • Select the Creative Type, Privacy Settings, and select the Offer(s) to apply the Creatives to.

  • Then, upload the zip file.

**Please Note: the name of each asset within the zip file will be assigned, so be sure that the assets are named accordingly.

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