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v3.3.0 Hotfix Release Notes II
v3.3.0 Hotfix Release Notes II

Hotfix Release 3.3.0: June/July 2023

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July 2023

  • New Feature Added: ‘Deals’ [Details]

    • Deals are store/category/product discounts available for your partners to promote

    • API Feeds for your partners to automatically access available Deals

  • Integrations [Details]

    • Pay Per Call tab added to Control Center > Integrations which changes the process of the Invoca and Ringba integrations for network users

  • Partner UI Reporting [Details]

    • Metric filters added to the following reports: Offer, SubID, Daily, Hourly, SmartLink, Flex, Dynamic Nested

    • Added ability to save or schedule Conversion Report

  • Notifications

    • Added Partner Name and Offer Name to email subject line

June 2023

  • Reporting [Details]

    • Conversion Report now allows for exporting aggregated data based on desired columns

  • Creative Assets [Details]

    • New dropdown menu for adding creatives assets added to Offers > Creatives, and revamped forms and processes for uploading and assigning creative assets.

      • Complex Creatives (Email & HTML)

        • New upload form

        • Once a Zip File is added, the Zip Scanner is able to automatically scan, divide and display the sections of the HTML & assets separately

        • Links and assets are highlighted in yellow and clickable, and a pencil icon prompts a small popup modal for quick browsing

        • Added ability to Bulk Edit

        • Added ability to include multiple 'From' & 'Subject' lines assigned to an Email Creative

        • Added macro for 'tracking_link_encrypted_parameters'

      • Simple Creatives (Image, Link, Video)

        • New upload form

        • Added ability to Bulk Add

  • Invoicing [Details]

    • Outstanding Balance Report for Partners/Affiliates can now be requested by network users

    • Wise added as payment option

    • Company logo now renders with a white background

  • Alerts [Details]

    • 'Unique Clicks' added as Condition Type

  • Security

    • Added ability for networks to reset MFA for partner users

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