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v3.2.0 Hotfix Release Notes
v3.2.0 Hotfix Release Notes

Hotfix Release 3.2.0: April 2023

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  • Google Ads Integration now available in the Partner UI [Details]

  • Source-identifier now supported for SKAN 4.0 [Details]

  • Tracking & Asset Generator added to the Partner UI, which allows your partners to pull creative assets, coupon codes and tracking links, either for specific offer(s) or all offers [Details]

  • Added the ability to generate QR codes in bulk from the Tracking & Asset Generator and via API [Details]

  • Added the TikTok Properties section for passing Payout Amount (or other values) into TikTok [Details]

  • Multi-Factor Authentication now supports SMS [Details]

  • New security feature sends an email to a user when a new browser login is detected in the Network UI [Details]

  • New security feature sends an email to network administrators whenever a new network API key is created [Details]

  • Ability for Partners to disable notifications for offer application status (approved or rejected) [Details]

  • Organic Traffic can now be tracked using our JS SDK [Details]

  • Payment Status (Complete, In-Progress, Not initiated) is now viewable in Partners - Invoices [Details]

  • Several macros added for more personalization on the Custom Card [Details]

  • Ability to download 'From' & 'Subject' lines for email creatives at the offer level [Details]

  • Global setting allows networks to expose sale_amount in the Partner UI [Details]

  • Filter added for Delivery Method in Partners - Postbacks [Details]

  • Referral Report has been reorganized and updated with additional data points [Details]

  • Thumbnail added for HTML/Email creatives

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