Feature Release 3.2.0 (November 22, 2022): Added the option to download email creative files in .txt, .html or all (.zip) formats in Network UI and Partner UI

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A How-To Guide

Step #1

Navigate to Offers - Creatives > Add Creative.

Step #2

Enter the required fields including Creative Name, Creative Status and Visibility, and be sure to select HTML for Type.

Under Code, paste the HTML for the Creative.

Please note that Height and Width are used for the Preview, which is visible both in your Portal as well as the Partner Portal. It's recommended to set at least 100 x 100.

Step #3

Add the images you want to be included in the Creative, which will generate URL Macros for you to use in the HTML code.

Step #4

Insert each URL Macro for each image into the HTML Code, and then Save.

Using Dynamic Macros

You can insert macros to dynamically populate the Creatives for your Partners automatically.

For example, to include the Partner Tracking Link so that it's embedded in the Creative itself, use the macro: {tracking_links}

Tracking Link Macros For Creatives

The following macros are now supported:

  • {tracking_link} This macro is associated with the Conversion Method configured at the Offer level, so it could be either a Direct Link or traditional redirect link.

  • {tracking_link_redirect} Use this macro if your offer is configured for Direct Linking, as the redirect must be enforced for dynamic creatives to function properly.


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