Partner's Guide to TikTok Attribution
This guide outlines how to fire conversion data from Everflow to TikTok (Tik Tok) using a Partner Postback.
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Updated - Hotfix 3.2.0 (April 2023): Added the TikTok Properties section for passing Payout Amount (or other values) into TikTok. [Click Here]


Using TikTok's API, this integration is used to push conversion data from Everflow into TikTok. In order to optimize, you can configure a Partner Postback to receive those TikTok pixels.

Step #1: Connect Pixel

Go to the TikTok: Ads Manager. Click Assets, then choose Events.

Select web or app events, depending on where you want to track.

Then, to create a new pixel, click Set Up Web Events. or click on a pixel below to manage an existing one.

If you are creating a new pixel, follow the instructions from TikTok to finish the pixel setup.

Step #2: Generate Access Token

In the TikTok: Ads Manager, after you have completed Step #1, open your pixel and click the Settings tab > Generate Access Token.

Copy the Access Token and then navigate back to Everflow.

Step #3: Set Up Integration

In Everflow, navigate to Company Settings - Integrations.

Please note: This section is only available in the Partner Portal, not in the Network Portal. For more info on creating a Partner account - [Click Here]

On the TikTok Integrations card, click Add.

*Please note: the integration is also accessible in the Network account via Control Center - Integrations > Media Buying, where the integration can be viewed and deleted by a network user.

Name the app and paste the Access Token here:

Step #4: Add Postback inside Everflow

Navigate to Postbacks, then click [ + Postback ].

Select TikTok as the Delivery Method, then select your TikTok Integration and enter your Tiktok Pixel Code, which can be found here inside of TikTok:

Assets > Event (top menu) > Website Pixel (Manage). Click on the pixel and copy the ID at the top of that screen underneath the name of the pixel.

Select the TikTok Event.


Use the TikTok Properties section to pass specific values using "Data Fields", which are owned by TikTok. You can either hardcode a value, or use a macro. You can find more info and the definitions for all Data Fields in this TikTok Documentation.

For example, to pass the payout amount into TikTok, you would select the β€œValue” Data Field, and enter {payout_amount} or {sale_amount} for the Value.

Click Save.

Step #5: Add TikTok Click ID to Destination URL

When setting up the ad, make sure to append ?ttclid=__CLICKID__ to your Everflow Partner Tracking URL to pass that to the Destination URL. For more info - [Click Here]

Step #6: Test

To test, follow the preview instructions - [Click Here]

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