Integrations (Partner UI): Google Ads

Partners can activate tracking for GADs campaigns and pass event data for GADs optimization

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Check out the webinar recording for a visual walkthrough of this integration!

Or, use our interactive visual demo to learn more about how the integration works!


This integration is designed for you, as a Partner, to connect directly to your Google Ads account.

We'll use the tracking template to pass click data from Google Ads into your Everflow Partner Dashboard, and then Everflow will pass your conversion and event data back into Google Ads for optimization.

Note 1: This setup requires Direct Linking for tracking and attribution.

Note 2: One of the powerful benefits of this integration is the ability to fire attributed Offer Events into Google Ads. We recommend using an offer with Events with this integration.

To learn more about Google Ads and sign up for an account - [Click Here]

A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Connect Integration

  • Navigate to Company Settings - Integrations > Media Buying > Google Ads, then click Connect Integration.

You will be prompted to sign into your Google account. Sign in and click Allow to authorize the integration.

Step 2: Configuration

  • Once you have successfully connected your Google Ads account with Everflow, you may configure the integration using the Add Google Ads Configuration form. Your Google Ads credentials are available for selection based on the sign-in authorization you completed in Step 1.

You can configure an integration for each of your Google Ads accounts.

There are four screens to complete the configuration:


Enter a name for your connection, and enter your Google Ads Manager ID and Google Ads Customer ID.

Click [Next] to continue to Account Settings.

Account Settings

*Please Note: Technically, this section is optional, but it is required in order to receive the gclid in a particular sub-parameter, which ultimately allows us to associate a click with its future conversion in Google Ads. If you are choosing not to use it, select Deny.

By selecting Allow, the default Google Ads tracking template will be updated to pass the necessary parameters for Google Ads and Everflow to connect on every click.

In the Map Default Tracking Parameters section, you will select the parameters used to receive data points from Google Ads.

Technically, there are two levels of tracking templates:

Account level: This one will be updated with the "Default Offer" that you select.

Campaign level: This one will be configured in the next step.

Click [Next] to continue to Campaign Settings.

Campaign Settings

This optional section allows you to customize your campaign-level setups inside of Google Ads.

As mentioned in the previous section, there are two levels of tracking templates. Here, we will define the Campaign level setting. If you do not [Enable Campaign Mapping], then the account-level mapping as defined in the previous step will be applied.

Click [Next] to continue to Conversions.


*Please Note: This section is optional but strongly recommended for optimization purposes. If you choose to complete your integration without adding a Conversion, leave the fields blank and click Save.

This section allows for mapping multiple Events within your configuration. Since "campaigns" and "conversion actions" are two totally separate concepts in Google Ads, this section allows us to specify which conversion actions are sent back to Everflow. This section does not affect your tracking templates, whereas the Campaign Settings (previous section) do affect your tracking templates.

For a bit more clarity, you can think of a "Conversion Action" in Google Ads as GADs' version of the combination of an Everflow Offer + Event. We need to map GADs' version to Everflow if we want to track it. Whatever mapping configuration you select here will send postbacks to Google Ads.

To add a conversion mapping configuration, click [+ Conversion Mapping].

Then, complete the configuration:

  • Select the Conversion Action where you want to receive this data >

  • Select the Offer that you want to pass Event data from >

  • Select the Event that when tracked in Everflow will be fired into Google Ads under the selected Conversion Action.

Apply Traffic Rules

Advanced media buyers can use Apply Traffic Rules to have further control over their Conversion Actions and the Values they are passing to them.

For example, you can choose to not fire a Conversion Action whenever there is a or email.

You could also fire a different Conversion Action whenever the tracked amount for an Event is more than $500.

Click Save.

Every time the selected Event is tracked in Everflow, it will fire into Google Ads using either the default conversion value inside of Google Ads or a custom value by using the Override Linked Event Value toggle setting.

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