(Please Note: This feature is in the beta test phase.)


This integration connects Everflow to your Google Ads accounts, updates the tracking template to pass click data from Google Ads into Everflow, and passes conversions and events data registered by Everflow back into Google Ads for optimization.

This integration is designed for you (the network/advertiser/brand) to track your activity on Google Ads. Unlike other media buying integrations like those with TikTok and Facebook, this is not for your Partner/Affiliate. Please note that currently only one Google Ads manager login can be used with this integration.

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Note 1: This setup requires Direct Linking for tracking and attribution.

Note 2: One of the powerful benefits of this integration is the ability to fire attributed Offer Events into Google Ads. We recommend using an offer with Events with this integration, and you can even track CRM pipeline stages (for HubSpot and Salesforce) and fire those events into Google Ads for optimization.

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A Step-By-Step Guide

In addition to the steps outlined below, we've created a visual tutorial to provide more context for each step. Click the button below to watch.

Step 1

Navigate to Control Center - Integrations > Media Buying > Google Ads, then click Add.

Click OK to open a login screen for your Google Ads account.

Login and click Allow to authorize the integration.

Step 1A*

If you haven't yet created Conversion Actions inside of Google Ads, please go ahead and do this. This feature can be found inside of Google Ads under Tools & Settings > Conversions.

Click + New conversion action.

Import > Other data sources > Track conversions from clicks > Continue

Quick setup notes:

  • Choose a Goal category. (the various options are pre-set labels with no other impact)

  • Select 'Use different values for each conversion' to be able to set values inside your integration.

  • Use the default attribution model - this will be overwritten by your Everflow attribution.

Click Create and continue > Finish and your Conversion Action is fully set up.

Step 2

Inside of Everflow, go to the Google Ads integration and Click + Add.

There are 3 parts to the Google Ads configuration:

  1. Selecting your Google Ads Account (or Manager Account and then the managed Google Ads account)

  2. Updating the tracking template to pass the necessary parameters from Google Ads to Everflow

  3. Choosing the Google Ads Conversion Action to receive any selected event fires

Step 3

Under the Clicks tab, you can toggle Update Google Ads Tracking Template. This will turn on Auto Tagging in Google Ads and update both the Account Settings and Campaign Settings tracking templates to pass the selected parameters on each click.

In the example below, every click from Google Ads will be tracked as coming from Partner (6) Google SEM. The tracking template in Google Ads will append to each click: &sub2={GCLID}&sub4={keyword}&sub5={placement}&affid=6

Please note: You only need to enable the Update Google Ads Tracking Template on one setup, as this feature updates the settings in Google Ads. Any additional conversion action setups will still track properly with this section toggled to No.

Step 4

To pass your conversions and events from Everflow to Google Ads:

  • Enable Import Conversion Actions To Google Ads >

  • Select the Conversion Action where you want to receive this data >

  • Select the Offer that you want to pass Event data from >

  • Select the Event that when tracked in Everflow will be fired into Google Ads under the selected Conversion Action.

Click Save.

Every time the select Event is tracked in Everflow, it will fire into Google Ads using either the default conversion value inside of Google Ads or a custom value by toggling Conversion Value and setting that value there.

Step 4A

Advanced media buyers can use Apply Traffic Rules to have further control over their Conversion Actions and the Values they are passing to them.

For example, you can choose to not fire a Conversion Action whenever there is a Hotmail.com or Yahoo.com email.

You could also fire a different Conversion Action whenever the tracked amount for an Event is more than $500.

All of these rules give you massive control over your attribution, data, and how Google auto-optimizes around the values that you're passing from Everflow.


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