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Google Ads - Returning Conversions Using Zapier (Old)
Google Ads - Returning Conversions Using Zapier (Old)

How to use Zapier to send offline conversions to Google Ads

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Important Update:

**We've launched a direct Google Ads integration that automatically handles this process, so Zapier is no longer needed to pass data into Google Ads.

For the Google Ads integration guide - [Click Here]


You can use Zapier to send conversion data from Everflow to your Google Ads instance to be tracked as "Import from Clicks" conversions, using Webhooks.

Read the case study on how Everflow’s marketing team leverages attribution features and reporting/analytics to optimize Google Ads spend.

Please note: These conversions require a 24-hour delay, and Zapier costs are separate from Everflow.

Pre-Launch: Set up Google Ads to pass the Google Click ID:

In order to start sending conversions into your Google Ads account, you will need to first set up your campaigns to send the Google Click ID (gclid) on every Click.

This is handled by selecting one of your campaigns > Settings > Click on the blue 'Additional Settings' > 'Campaign URL Options' > Under 'Final URL Suffix' pass gclid under one of your Sub ID parameters. For example: sub2={gclid}

With this setup, you will now receive the gclid for every click from that campaign under your sub2 parameter.

Create Offline Conversion in Google Ads

Inside Google Ads, click Conversions under Tools.

Click the Blue + to create a new 'Conversion Action' > Select Import > Select 'Other data sources or CRMs':

Fill out the remaining offer data as desired and then click 'Create and Continue' to make this Conversion Action accessible inside of Zapier in the setup below.

Step #1 - Everflow: Prepare Offer and Partner

In Everflow, set up an Offer and a Partner that you want associated with the Google Ads account.

Step #2 - Zapier: Make a Zap

Click Make a Zap in the upper left side of the screen.

Step #3 - Zapier: Select Webhook

Select Webhooks by Zapier, and Catch Hook as the Trigger Event.

Step #4 - Zapier: Pull Webhook URL

Copy your Custom Webhook URL from this section in Zapier:

Step #5 - Everflow: Set up Partner Postback

Under the Partner account you want associated with Google Ads, go to the Partner Postback section. Create a new postback, paste the copied Webhook and append ?gclid={sub2}&timestamp={timestamp}. Be sure to test the postback after saving it.

Step #6 - Zapier: Test Trigger

Click "Test Trigger" here:

If successful, it will look like this:

Step #7 - Zapier: Create Delay

Google Ads requires a 24-hour delay for offline conversion data, so you will need to add a step for delaying the conversion:

Click the + to add another step.

Select Delay by Zapier > Delay For > Continue > Time Delayed - 24 > Unit - Hours > Retest and Continue.

Step #8 - Set Action to Google Ads

Add another action, search "Google Ads" and select it.

Select Send Offline Conversion as the Action Event.

Step #9 - Zapier

Sign in to your Google Ads account.

Then, set up the values like this:

Once this is done, the process is complete. You must have live traffic to "test" as Google needs to generate a real gclid value.

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