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Sync with HubSpot to keep leads and their "Lifecycle Stage" up to date in Everflow

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Updated - Feature Release 3.4.1 (October 2023): Hubspot app optimized for to send webhooks for EU clients to

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Use the Everflow Hubspot integration to track and attribute your HubSpot Contact's 'Lifecycle stages' in Everflow as Offer Events.

'Lifecycle stage' is a HubSpot feature that automatically updates as the associated Contact progresses through the Deal stages.

For example, when a lead is submitted the Contact is created in HubSpot with the starting 'Lifecycle stage' of Lead. When that Lead completes a demo, the 'Lifecycle stage' automatically updates to Prospect.

You can use this integration to map these Lifecycle stages to events inside of your offer.

For example: When a Contact reaches the Opportunity stage, you can fire an event in Everflow called 'HubSpot - Opportunity' and pay the partner that initially delivered that lead.

Attribution for these events uses Email Address Attribution to tie it to the associated partner that delivered a conversion with that email address.

For more information about HubSpot, please [Click Here].

A Step-By-Step Guide

Step #1a

  • Select an Offer that can be used to track HubSpot contacts through the email address attributed to the conversion:

    Enable Direct Linking (under Tracking & Control)

    Enable Email Ownership (under Attribution)

For more information about how to enable Email Ownership for an Offer, [Click Here].

Step #1b

Step #1c

  • Place the and EF.conversion() scripts on the page to record the "Lead" event in Everflow.

    Make sure to pass the email address in the EF.conversion() script in the email : spot. This is required for the integration to work as it uses Email Attribution to record the status changes.

  • Keep in mind that all websites are different and if you need extra help getting the email address used in the form submit, please contact our support or your account manager.

  • If you are using a Hubspot Embedded form you can use this custom code to send the email to our system. Here is an article on that process.

Step #2

  • In Everflow, navigate to Control Center - Integrations > CRM > HubSpot.

  • Click Connect Integration.

  • Click OK to open a login screen for your HubSpot account.

  • Log in to your HubSpot account.

Step #3

  • Once you are logged in, you can configure the integration.

  • Select Target, and then either the Advertiser or Offer to be associated. We recommend selecting Advertiser, and tying Advertiser-level events with the integration. Save.


  • Leads will be displayed in a Conversion Report by filtering for the Offer you set up in Step #1a.

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