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A Step-By-Step Guide



This integration uses Email Address Attribution to add contacts to Everflow automatically after being added to HubSpot, as well as to update the "Lifecycle Stage" of a lead.

For more information about HubSpot - [Click Here]

A Step-By-Step Guide

Step #1a

Select an Offer that can be used to track HubSpot contacts through the email address attributed to the conversion:

  • Enable Direct Linking (under Tracking & Control)

  • Enable Email Ownership (under Attribution)

For more information about how to enable Email Ownership for an Offer - [Click Here]

Step #1b

Set up the Events in Everflow. We recommend tying Advertiser-level Events to the Offer.

Step #1c

Place the and EF.conversion() scripts on the page to record the "Lead" event in Everflow.

Step #2a

Get your API Key from HubSpot so that you may enter it into Everflow. To find it in HubSpot, click the cog icon in the upper right side of the screen.

Then, click Integrations. Show the API Key, then click Copy.

Step #2b

In Everflow, navigate to Control Center - Integrations > CRM > HubSpot. Click Add.

Turn on the toggle and enter your API Key.

Step #3

Once the API Key is entered, you can configure the integration. Select Target, and then either the Advertiser or Offer to be associated. We recommend selecting Advertiser, and tying Advertiser-level events with the integration. Save.


Leads will be displayed in a Conversion Report by filtering for the Offer you set up in Step #1a.


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