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View detailed data for each conversion and event, and export aggregated data based on specific columns

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Updated - Hotfix 3.3.0 (June 2023): The Conversion Report now allows for exporting aggregated data based on desired columns [Click Here]

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How To Build and Run a Conversion Report

  • Navigate to Reporting - Conversion.

  • Use the date selector and filters to build your report. Please note you may also change the time zone your report is built from in the upper right corner.

  • Click Run Report.

  • Click these vertical dots to customize the columns in the report table.

There is one conversion per row. You can click the vertical dots at the end of any row to explore more options associated with that conversion.

How To Aggregate Specific Report Data

Exporting the Conversion Report allows you to easily aggregate data based on specific columns.

For example, you may want to view a breakdown of Pending and Rejected Conversions by Offer or by Partner, or you may want to see data aggregated by the sub1 value.

  • Simply click the vertical dots at the top right of the report table and select Aggregate Results under Export.

Please Note: The full report is also available to be exported in CSV or JSON formats.

  • You will receive an email when the Report is ready to view, and it can be downloaded under Requested Reports.

The following example shows an export of aggregated conversions based on the sub1 column.


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