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Learn how to send personalized emails to Partners, Advertisers and Network employees
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All Direct Messages are sent from this email address:
"From" line is your Network Displayed Name (it can be edited in Control Center > Configuration > General card).

If you would like to use your own email address you will need to have your own SendGrid or Mandrill integration. You can integrate by going to Control Center > Integration > Email.

There are two steps to setting up Direct Messages:

To access the Direct Message feature, go to Control Center > Direct Message.

Building A Recipient List

Step 1.

Click Recipient Lists, then [+ Add Recipient List].

Step 2.

Add the name of the recipient list and click Add Group button to choose the user type: Partners, Advertisers or Network employees.

Step 3.

When multiple rules are added to one group, the rules will have an AND operator, meaning that the recipients added to the list will need to match every rule within the group.

If multiple groups are added, each group has an OR operator, meaning that the recipients added to the list will include all emails that match any of the groups:

Pro Tip: You can let your partners using Tipalti know when they need to update their Tipalti account details by using "Is Payable".

Creating the Direct Message Content

Step 1.

Go to the Messages tab and click New Message.

Select either a 'General' message for contacting users, or 'Offer Details' to send a message to Partners regarding specific offer information.

Step 2.

Select a Recipient List, or create a new one here by toggling on 'New Recipient List'. Once the recipient list has been selected, you will have an option to exclude specific user emails.

Step 3.

Create the message and schedule the timing. For scheduling, switch the 'Schedule' toggle to Yes. If the 'Schedule' toggle is set to No, then the message will be sent immediately.

Please Note: Emoticons are not directly supported in Direct Message. Please use HTML codes if you wish to use them.

Tracking Link Macros

The following macros are now supported:

  • {offer_tracking_link} This macro is associated with the Conversion Method configured at the Offer level, so it could be either a Direct Link or traditional redirect link.

  • {offer_tracking_link_redirect} Use this macro if your offer is configured for Direct Linking, as the redirect must be enforced for dynamic creatives to function properly.

Step 4.

Preview the message before sending, then click Send or Schedule.


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