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How to Create New Templates in the Communication Hub
How to Create New Templates in the Communication Hub

Learn how to effortlessly create and manage email templates in the new Communication Hub, ensuring a smooth transition from the old system.

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Our new Communication Hub makes creating professional-looking email templates easier than ever, with no coding required. While your old templates won't automatically transfer to the new system, this guide will help you create new ones seamlessly.

Step-by-Step Guide

Accessing Old Templates (if needed):

  • Navigate to the Communication Hub Dashboard

  • Look for "Direct Messages" in the blue banner and click it

  • There you will find your previous templates that can be manually copied or replicated in the new Communication Hub.

Creating a New Template:

  • Locate and click the "Quick Start" button

  • Select the type of message you want to create a template for

Building Your Message:

Saving Your Template:

  • When you reach the Review stage, look for the "Save as Template" checkbox

  • Ensure this box is checked to save your work as a template

Accessing Your Templates:

  • Return to your Communication Hub Dashboard

  • Find the "Most Used Templates" section Click "See All" to view your complete template library

By following these steps, you'll ensure a smooth transition to the new system while maintaining your workflow efficiency.

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