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How to Update Your Automated System Emails
How to Update Your Automated System Emails

Discover how to seamlessly transition, review, update, and customize your Automated System Emails in the new Communication Hub.

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Automated System Emails (previously known as Email Templates) are system-generated responses to specific platform actions.

As we transition to the new Communication Hub, here's what you need to know about managing these emails:

Creating, Updating, and Enhancing Automated System Emails:

Modifying Content:

  • The new Communication Hub builder allows easy modification of your Automated System Emails

  • Create professional-looking emails that match your brand's tone and style, all without coding

Handling Existing Emails During Transition:

  • For previously customized Email Templates, watch for an orange banner prompting you to review the new default template

  • You'll still have access to your previous custom version for reference

  • Click "Review" when you're ready to see the new default template

Reviewing and Updating:

  • A pop-up will display a preview of the new default template

  • You'll have two options:

    • "Accept" to use the new default template as is

    • "Edit" to modify the message according to your needs

Important Note: Your previously customized emails will continue to be sent until you either enable or modify the new default template.❗

By following these guidelines, you can smoothly transition to the new system while ensuring your automated emails remain consistent with your communication strategy.

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