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v3.5.0 Feature Release Notes
v3.5.0 Feature Release Notes

Feature Release Notes for February/March 2024.

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Feature Updates

Control Center

  • Configuration was divided into distinct sections - Platform Configurations, Partner Configurations, and Advertiser Configurations - for easier navigation.

  • Added UI options to access Segmentation Options (includes Business Units, Categories, Labels, & Channels) and Email Templates directly within Control Center, streamlining configuration workflows.

  • Moved "Roles" and "Accounts" to one "Accounts" section.

  • Moved "My Account" from Control Center to its own section in the left-hand menu.

Navigation Menu

  • Added separate (previously available in Control Center) sections titled "Integrations" and "Automation" (Scheduled Actions, Alerts, & Webhooks) in the main navigation menu (accessed through the hamburger menu icon).


  • The new visibility setting for Traffic Sources allows selective control over which traffic sources can be accessed and viewed by specific partners [Details].

  • When exporting your Partners (Affiliates) list, to a CSV or JSON, additional fields are available to include the custom sign-up information collected.

  • The Partner bulk export now includes custom sign-up fields.

Coupon Codes [Details] [Details]

  • Added coupon code Description field that supports plain text / HTML and is visible to your affiliates.

  • Allow duplicate coupon codes across multiple different Offers, but not multiple different Partners.

  • You can now create individual or bulk coupon codes without assigning them to a specific Partner.

  • Added ability to Bulk Update Coupon Codes.

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